Just like with humans, dental health plays a major role in the overall health of dogs and cats. Our veterinarians can gauge the general well-being by the condition of their teeth, gums and mouth(periodontal). Dental or periodontal disease can lead to decay, abscess, tooth loss, extractions, surgery, or infection. If left untreated that infection may even spread to the bloodstream and organs, resulting in a much more serious and possibly life threatening condition.


Here are a few signs that might require a trip to the vet:

-Bad breath

-Discoloration, plaque or tartar buildup on the surface of teeth

-Drooling, with or without presence of blood

-Red or swollen gums

-Difficulty eating dry food

-Weight loss

-A new or unusual sensitivity to being pet near mouth or face


Annual exams, preventative measures, and surgical procedures are utilized to ensure that your animals are getting the best dental care possible. While here for an annual exam, the doctor might suggest that you start (or continue) to ‘clean’ your dog or cats teeth. This can be accomplished through the use of special treats or food, water additives, oral sprays, or manual brushing. Also upon examination, the doctor may find that your pet has developed dental or periodontal disease. These cases may require treatment including cleaning, scaling, polishing, or extractions. We offer a wide range of dental treatment and surgical procedures. Please call our office to set up an exam today!